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Month: August 2012

Mining Mithril in World of Warcraft

Hey all I’ve been going through a process with the various characters that I play on World of Warcraft – in that I’m setting up each character with professions, that will either supply the higher level characters with raw materials, or to supply themselves – with one manufacturing profession as well. To that end, I’ve begun setting up my Night Elf Priest, with mining and jewelcrafting, with another lower level character also supplying her with raw materials. Off I went today – farming up from Gold to Mithril, and of course, as usual, I stop to admire just how...

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World of Warcraft: Stunning Scenery

Some of the game environment is insanely beautifully rendered by the developers and designers at Blizzard. I often find myself, whilst travelling, stopping to turn 360deg and admire the view in all directions. ¬†Screenshots couldn’t possibly do them justice but I thought I’d occasionally share some of my discoveries. In the skies above Dalaran on the flying carpet I made with the Tailoring Profession. On the way back to Stormwind coming through the Burning Steppes, on a clear day, at sunset. (My discipline priest, Macnessa). In Wintergrasp (a battleground) after sunset – admiring the Aurora Azerothis (yeah I made...

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World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: Indiana Jones

One of the things I love about playing World of Warcraft, is discovering new popular movie references that they’ve built into the game. For example, I was questing in Uldum (southernmost area of Kalimdor), an area which bears a striking resemblance to ancient Egypt, with plenty of Obelisks, ancient temples and desert, when I came across on this NPC; Ok, so I get to “Tomb Raid” with a Dr Jones in an pseudo-Ancient-Egyptian environment? Awesome. Check out the camel. Nice move Blizzard. Another scene from...

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More Epic Raid Screenshots – Courtesy of Zionxi

Zionxi kindly emailed me her screenshots from last nights epic raid! It was great to relive them this morning – and to re-read the conversation to see how high everyone’s spirits were. Everyone piled on the tower waiting for our last few minutes of res sickness to lift before hitting them hard, again! Look at the mini-map – we are all stacked in the middle before raining chaos on all the red dots around us. Note: you can click on the image to see a bigger version. Giving it stick at Thunder Bluff. Getting it done – the last...

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Best Raid EVER!

Tonight we, the Alliance fought and defeated no fewer than FOUR Horde bosses at Ogrimmar, Silvermoon City, Undercity and Thunderbluff. The Dragonmaw server has long since seen such epic battles! The evening started with a group of around 20 horde cronies trying to invade King Varians keep, however, they were quickly dispatched and after a few calls to the trade channel – a group of 40 intrepid Alliance fighters grouped up and set out to seek vengeance! Thunder Bluff, going down. Silvermoon in trouble…why yes, of course I had time to screenshot the battle while I was doing DPS!...

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Try World of Warcraft for Free

Opening the game for free for the first 20 levels was a very smart move by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s just enough time to know whether or not the game is for you. When you hit level 20 the game really starts to open up and you’re able to ride a mount, making questing and getting around a lot easier and much quicker. One thing you’ll realise as you grind away at those first few levels, is that this game is not just huge, but EPIC. It spans entire worlds, not just one continent. There is none of the repetitive...

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Hello World of Warcraft!

It was the Chuck Norris advertisements that eventually convinced me to try out World of Warcraft. Yes, really. I’ve always been a fan of strategy games, in fact the first one I played on my first computer (An Apple IIe) was called “Hail”, which progressed to playing “Olympic Decathlon” on the old BBC computer, followed by “Winter Olympics” on our first IBM and eventually Warcraft II (the follow up from the original Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. When I¬† was living in my first apartment, and had set up my first solely owned desktop (complete with dial up internet!) I...

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