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  • Raiding 101

Noodle Cart: The Complete Guide

This guide serves to help those wanting to level their Noodle Cart from start to finish in one day. NOTE: This guide is is offered in a print friendly pdf version by clicking the “print” or “pdf” button at the end of the post. Also Wowhead tooltips are active on all ingredients and quests if you […]

Where do you farm rep with the Black Prince ?

So, where do YOU farm rep with the Black Prince? I recently decided to wake up a couple of weeks (cough)MONTHS(cough) late and get going with the legendary quest line and found myself needing to be at Revered Status with Wrathion. If you find yourself saying, “Um, Black Prince? Wrathion?” then I mean…this guy… Wrathion […]

Galakras Heroic

Galakras Heroic  is really similar to normal, except stuff hits hard. Really hard. We only had 3 players alive at the end, but hey, a kill is a kill!  We honestly thought it was a wipe at around 10 %, but then everyone (dead) watched in awe as the remaining players reduced her health surprisingly […]

Raiding 101: Know Your Class

This series of posts about raiding is aimed at people who are interested in joining a raid team for the first time, and learning what it takes. If you are an experienced team raider then you may find some useful information, but it is more aimed at showing people the basics that are required before […]

Raiding 101

“That’s just Raiding 101″ I hear people say. In fact I hear people say that a lot. I’m in an active predominantly PVE based guild that runs 3 raid teams (of which I manage one), and since our first raid team are the realm firsts for most this current tier, we’ve had a lot of […]