Primal Spirit is the new Spirit of Harmony


Funny story: back when Mists of Pandaria launched, I was at maximum level, but if the truth be told, I was still very wet behind the ears in terms of understanding the great cosmic gold-making wheel in World of Warcraft that rolls through the expansions. One of the dumber things I did, …

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Lunarfall Excavation: Mining without the Mining Profession


The Lunarfall Excavation is the fancy name for your Garrisons Mine. Lunarfall Excavation unlocks at Level 92, with the opening quest (available from the conveniently located NPC outside the mine), called Things are not Goren our way. Simply proceed to eradicate the hostile npc’s (Lunarfall Goren) from your mine, and …

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Weekend WoW Round Up: Not long to go now!


Weekend Wow round up and another look at the sheer beauty of Draenor. Pull up a chair and have a nerdsquee with me. Apologies for the slightly ham-fisted camera angles etc I wasn’t intending to actually blog this one, but turns out my other ‘footage’ wasn’t saved. Let’s just say …

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